Based in Toronto, Reiki Master Karen Hill will help you to achieve deep relaxation and a more balanced life.

A highly qualified and experienced Reiki Master, Karen offers Reiki sessions and Reiki training. She is a certified Teacher of Adults and Compassion Fatigue Educator and Therapist, trained in Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion.

Training is in the Bloor/Yonge area of downtown Toronto.

Reiki is safe and facilitates deep relaxation. The relaxation response allows your body to regain its natural state of balance, and increases its natural healing abilities. Reiki sessions will help you to heal at all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Ongoing research continues to show the positive effects of Reiki sessions.

People choose Reiki for many reasons - to improve physical health, cope with chronic pain, reduce stress, explore spiritual issues, and more. Check out the testimonials from Karen’s many satisfied clients and students.

You deserve to live in balance. Why not begin your own healing journey?

You can book a Reiki session with Karen at her or in the privacy of your own home. Karen will also meet with clients who are in the hospital or in palliative care settings.

To find out more or book a Reiki session, please send Karen an email or contact her at 416-654-2302.

If you are interested in finding out more about her work as a certified Compassion Fatigue Therapist and Educator, check out